Understand how to adopt nutritional habits proven to optimise your fertility.

There is a strong link between nutrition and fertility. What a woman (and her partner) eats before conception plays significant role in many parts of the pregnancy journey. This includes how quickly they may fall pregnant, a woman’s health through pregnancy, as well as how their baby develops in the womb AND its long-term health.

The benefits of eating well, being active and managing your weight at this time are well known. However, it can still be hard to find the right information for you, and to remain empowered to make these changes.

Lifestyle Maternity have partnered with PeNut to support women in meeting thee important goals.

This PeNut + Lifestyle Maternity fertility meal plan incorporates all the fertility boosting strategies in nutritionally balanced, easy to prepare, and delicious meals.

7-day meal plan


Plant based

Shopping list

Week overview at a glance

Macros and micros

Recipe tips and swaps

**We will email you after purchase of the Cookbook for your date of birth for PeNut’s files. Dietitian Christine Stone keeps these in a secure file as this is a clinical product. Thanks for your understanding**

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