Congratulations on the arrival of your new bubThis will be a time of many changes in your life as you redefine your ‘new normal’.

The benefits of eating well, being active and managing your weight in a healthy way are well known. However, it can still be hard to find the right information for you, and to remain empowered to make these changes.

Balance at this time can feel hard with competing priorities of your new bub, your family, and with your own often left until last.

When we’ve talked with new mums about what works for them to feel nourished, healthy, and strong they’ve told us they’ve needed to adapt routines and habits that used to be their go-to’s for nutrition and exercise.

Acknowledging that time is scarce and less flexible, they shared how a little planning and some simple new routines helped them feel less overwhelmed. Many loved online shopping (and even delivery) for groceries, and also relied on meal kits and pre-prepared meals.

Lifestyle Maternity have partnered with PeNut to support new mums in meeting these important goals.

Mental load, be gone!

Postnatal cookbook, for the win.

Nourishing, one-pot recipes for the new mama.


40 recipes

11 breakfasts

21 lunch/dinner

8 snacks

Suitable for freezing

Macros and micros

Recipe tips and swaps

**We will email you after purchase of the Cookbook for your date of birth for PeNut’s files. Dietitian Christine Stone keeps these in a secure file as this is a clinical product. Thanks for your understanding**

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